Don’t deprive me of your talent.

Talent, we all have it. Yes even you have a talent. Many years ago someone told me in no uncertain terms that I owed it to the world to write. That my talent was not for me, it was a gift and with every gift comes responsibility.

Now I am not trying to tell you I am the worlds greatest writer. I am not a competitor, I am a participant. Thousands of people have written, painted, sculpted, created. Thousands of people have raced, walked, climbed. Thousands of people have listened, cared, held, loved.

We are all human and that means YOU, can do anything, that any other human can do. You might not paint a Mona Lisa. You might not be a great healer, you might not be the most radical leader, but for every celebrity who put in time and dedication and grasped the opportunities and rose to the pinacle of their talent, there are hundreds of thousands of others who chose a smaller less brash, less in the limelight expression of their talents.

A man or woman serving soup to the homeless is expressing a talent of compassion and care. Someone picking up litter is expressing a talent of mindfulness or consciousness for the planet and environment in which they live.

I promise you, somewhere in you there is a talent. It’s a gift. You might only be at point of realising what it is, you might be well on the path to the expression of it. Today I want to tell you one of the best ways of cracking out of the circle of negativity is sharing whatever your talent is. Perhaps it’s that of conversation, perhaps you are into movies and would be a great critic, perhaps you like taking photographs, or walking dogs. It doesn’t matter how small or insignificant you think you and your talent are. If you share it, and you practice it, and you express it, it will grow and add a huge value not only to your life but to the lives around you. Step into this responsibility and spread your wings. It’s okay, you can fly. I believe in you. Don’t worry about those who fly higher and faster and longer. Just fly.