Forgetting is Forgiving

If you haven’t forgotten you haven’t forgiven. That’s a statement right? Forgiveness is something I have been challenged in greatly of late. What is there to forgive? Why should I forget? I can pardon wrongs done to me by others, I can pardon unacceptable behaviour. I can make excuses and say that the other was in their special space, perhaps it was baggage, their buttons were pushed, or even yes their hormones were too strong. In any way it wasn’t Read More

We are on Video

A while back when the pandemic started, I decided to make some videos as a sort of video diary. I thought it would be interesting to look back on and realised that people on my social media wall were actually interested in what I had to say. Well their feedback helped me crack the circular thinking about having a video channel. I eventually downloaded a few videos I had posted and uploaded them onto YouTube. Here is the link . Read More

Moving Forward

In order to move out of negative thinking, something is required. That thing must be what negative thinking isn’t. It can either be positive thinking or just simply not thinking. Focusing on the breath and the body aka meditation is a wonderful way of moving out of our circular thinking and calming down the mind. Another way is to act. Any action no matter how great or small, geared towards progress is more beneficial than no action at all. Here Read More