Why Do I set myself Goals

I wrote about Goal setting and it put me on writing pause. I keep thinking, why ? They say Why is not a spiritual question, but… Why do we set ourselves goals? Or should the question be why do we set goals for ourselves? Already this is a sign of overthinking and getting into a spin. So it would seem, the society we live in is a Hierarchical , goal oriented, winner takes all, pyramid shaped, top down, celebrity driven Read More

CARE and how we inspire others.

I wrote in my last post about an upcoming trip to the Philippines. I am thanks to Bela Hatvany and the good people at Mustardseed, going to visit a community and see if I can inspire them. How did this come about? I have been involved in Everyday Earth for nearly a year now. It’s a community organisation that has conversations about creating a care economy. A care economy is one where the participants not only feel cared for, but Read More

Are you Growing ?

When I was a teenager with all the usual angst and dark thoughts, I somehow came through a process that basically saved my life. I slipped almost nonchalantly from not caring about myself at all to empowering myself. That perhaps is another story. However , what became important for me was that I should get fit and I should learn. I joined a sports club, which led to a changed my diet, which led to improved health, physically, emotionally, psychologically. Read More

Can you do nothing ?

I’m in touch with a lot of people on the go. Busy people , creative people, people who are stressed and low on energy. I am one myself. Very often I find myself in a conversation encouraging these wonderful human beings to do nothing. Invariably the response I get is, I can?t I don?t know how. There is some guilt complex at play when a person feels they are not being productive First of all Why? Doing nothing means not Read More

Which Wolf will you feed?

It seems that in my neck of the woods, in my entourage, there is a lot of discontentment at the moment. Maybe it’s the change of season and temperature. People are stressed, unhappy, lacking affection, a lover, a companion or just struggling with finding a way to be themselves. In truth I am feeling much the same way but I seem to be handling it better than those around me in some ways, but not every way. Perhaps I am Read More

In Love?

I can remember as a teenager, feeling a pain in the pit of my stomach when I thought about a certain woman. She was older than I. She was interesting, beautiful, a mother probably in her twenties. I was 14. I had never experienced such a feeling before. She occupied my thoughts, when her perfume wafted in my nostrils I was unbalanced. When she wasn’t around I wanted her to be. I enjoyed her smile. I enjoyed her tone of Read More

Self Care is Best

A little like on the aeroplane, where you have to put on your oxygen mask before helping others, self care is the best way forward. Some simple questions to help you note how much care you are putting into yourself. Are you eating regularly? Have you eaten today? Are you getting enough sleep? Are you looking after your personal hygiene? Are you reaching out to other humans when feeling low or lonely ? Are you tidying up your personal space? Read More

It Doesn’t Matter What the World Thinks of You

This is one I found really tough to begin with. It doesn’t matter what the world thinks of you. However it is true. All that really matters is what you think of yourself. Now I know it’s not easy to not take into consideration others view of you. But how others see you, is all about the path they have walked, the experiences they have had, and the judgements they bring to the table. It’s not you.   You have Read More

Living Your Past in Your Present ?

For the longest time, I used to live in my past. Things that I perceived as bad, I used to carry with me in an overloaded rucksack on my back. I had resentments real and imagined. I had experiences that were unpleasant. Often I would find myself with some time on my hands, running through an old story, wishing I had replied a smart answer or taken an intelligent action. Even my childhood I look at it from the point Read More

Other things you can do for you

Self care is best. So in my last post, I talked about what I can do for myself in a day. The idea being to clear my mind and my mood. I talked more about tasks that could be done. There are other ways to care for the self too. When is the last time you gave yourself a treat? It doesn’t have to be expensive. Have you got a spare half hour? Could you sit and listen to some Read More