It Doesn’t Matter What the World Thinks of You

This is one I found really tough to begin with. It doesn’t matter what the world thinks of you. However it is true. All that really matters is what you think of yourself. Now I know it’s not easy to not take into consideration others view of you. But how others see you, is all about the path they have walked, the experiences they have had, and the judgements they bring to the table. It’s not you.   You have Read More

What Can You do for You today?

This is a question I ask myself frequently. It’s not about spoiling myself or being selfish. It’s actually a very constructive question to ask. Let me paint a picture. I am sitting in an apartment, the breakfast stuff is still on the table but it’s late evening. There are dirty dishes in the sink and the dishwasher hasn’t been operated in a few days. There are wet clothes in the laundry. I haven’t spoken to anyone, I am hungry and Read More