It Doesn’t Matter What the World Thinks of You

This is one I found really tough to begin with. It doesn’t matter what the world thinks of you. However it is true. All that really matters is what you think of yourself.

Now I know it’s not easy to not take into consideration others view of you. But how others see you, is all about the path they have walked, the experiences they have had, and the judgements they bring to the table. It’s not you.


You have a hard enough time judging yourself. You are listening to your inner critic, you are listening to the echo of all your fears and the unpleasant experiences that still have not become teachers. So why make it more difficult by adding the rest of the planet into the mix?

When I walk the streets where l live, I see people who see me. A long time ago I was put out by this. I though negative thoughts. I supposed I was wearing the wrong clothes, or my hair was a mess, or I looked ugly. I have now changed that voice completely. Now when I notice that people see me, I decide to tell myself I am special, that is why they see me. I am handsome that is why they see me. It’s still irrelevant, but it’s more relaxing to play like this. Because positive or negative all that really matters is how I see myself. I am here to be the best version of myself I can. So I am giving myself a break. I am turning off my inner critic and telling him he is not good for me. Thank you critic your time is up you can go now. I am giving myself a break by choosing a positive thought or connotation when out in public. I am giving myself a break by reminding myself it is not my concern what is in others heads, and they have not walked in my shoes. Therefore they couldn’t be in a position to judge me. So I drop all the negative shame and guilt and let it go. I go about my day, happy to be seen. Happy in the knowledge that I am moving forward no matter how slowly. I am healing myself. In doing so, in cleaning my heart and mind, I might just make a space for someone else to do it too. So forget what other people think of you. Love the way you love, dance the way you dance, dress the way you dress. Have a beautiful day and enjoy being you. You might find a nice surprise when you realise you are not the only one who is enjoying you. But do it for yourself.

If you enjoy these points, I am so open to a comment or encouragement. Thank you for reading