Are you giving yourself a break?

Have you ever found yourself in that riff, that rut, that habit? You know the one. It starts with self criticism, ‘I am too fat, too hairy, too skinny, I am unlovable,? I am not enough? It goes on and on.? The problem with that type of thinking is it becomes a habit. It’s probably the worst habit any of us have. The constant judging, the constant comparison can wear a person down. There are so many pressures in our societies to be and act a certain way. With 7.5 billion of us sharing this rock, why are we conforming to norms that are not anything to do with how we truly feel. So it’s time for a holiday. One of the exercises I have found really useful is the I AM exercise. I have used it to get myself out of down periods, and negative thinking. I still go back to it from time to time to remind myself. I treat it like giving myself a break from the routine critic.

So how can we do the I AM exercise and what does it entail. Well just sit with a pen a paper and write down I AM. Then make a list of the positive logical things that you are. I AM Alive. I AM Breathing. I AM Fed. I AM Thinking. I AM Feeling. I AM Human. I AM on planet earth with 7.5 billion others all of us the same and all of us unique. I AM Unique. I AM Worthy. I AM Experienced. I AM Grounded. I AM Lovable. I AM Alive.

There is no limit to the list. Use only positive statements. It might be a little slower at first but once you get into the game you might be surprised at how much you really are.

The second part of the game is to make it a habit.? When your list is finished, pick five or six phrases that light you up the most and learn them off by heart. Repeat them when you are in the car, on the bus, in shower. Repeat them every day when you can. I AM Enough. I AM more than enough, I AM successful. I AM abundant.? This is practice will then train your brain to repeat this phrases to you when you are not really thinking about it. In time you will break the critic and negativity and start to believe that you are good enough for whatever it is you chose to do in your life. Just remember, life is precious, you are a human being and you are entitled to be happy. We are not here to suffer. Give it a bash and let me know how you get on.. because I AM Amazing 🙂 … have fun.

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