Self Care is Best

A little like on the aeroplane, where you have to put on your oxygen mask before helping others, self care is the best way forward. Some simple questions to help you note how much care you are putting into yourself.

  • Are you eating regularly?
  • Have you eaten today?
  • Are you getting enough sleep?
  • Are you looking after your personal hygiene?
  • Are you reaching out to other humans when feeling low or lonely ?
  • Are you tidying up your personal space?
  • Are you facing the day to day stuff, like paying that bill, returning that phone call?
  • Are you opening the letter box and dealing with what is inside?
  • Are you listening to music?
  • Are you exercising?

These are ten simple questions you can ask yourself when challenged or feeling up against it. No one question has to involve an ordeal. You can ask yourself if you are eating regularly, what are you eating? Is it healthy and are you conscious when you eat of what it is doing for you? Or are you choosing to stuff yourself with processed easy quick food and not paying attention to the benefits you receive ?

Can you turn off the social media, the bingeing on episodes of your favourite programs, turn off the phone and sleep in a dark tech free room? If you phone bothers you at night, can you get an old fashioned alarm if you need one?

Nothing makes me feel better than a hot shower, clean clothes and dressing up, to impress no one only myself. I find when I am clean and tidy I just feel better about my day and myself.

If it’s getting a bit much, can you call a friend and meet for coffee, or drop in on a neighbour and see how they are doing? Perhaps a cup of tea together?

Are you surrounded by a physical state of untidiness? When you tidy up physically your eyes relax more and so there is less tendency to stress out?

Procrastination? Imagine how you will feel when you have completed the task in hand rather than focusing on the task in hand and it ‘having’ to be done.

Same for the post box, open it, who knows there might be good news. If there are bills, well the sooner you pay them the less it costs in the long run.

Are you listening to music? I would rather listen to music than my inner critic or victim. While I am at it, I might dance around the room or go to a park or a walk in nature.

Exercise doesn’t have to be strenuous, just gentle. Your body is made for movement, so move it. When you move you, and look after yourself regularly you will be amazed how much you can move forward in your day and your life. Enjoy 🙂