CARE and how we inspire others.

I wrote in my last post about an upcoming trip to the Philippines. I am thanks to Bela Hatvany and the good people at Mustardseed, going to visit a community and see if I can inspire them.

How did this come about? I have been involved in Everyday Earth for nearly a year now. It’s a community organisation that has conversations about creating a care economy. A care economy is one where the participants not only feel cared for, but are inspired to care for each other and the environment in which they live.

For just a little bit longer I have been in touch with my now co-organiser Adgilyn Sy Mannag. In getting to know her and hear her story, I became aware of just how blessed I am living and working where I do. Adgilyn’s phone is old, not working well. It’s used as a phone and as a computer for the kids homework, and a means of communication for all 3 people in her home. It’s almost at the end of it’s life. So I am bringing a replacement one.

I have been a fan of alternative ways of doing things for many years. I have come across such ideas as circular economies, alternative currencies, complimentary currencies, Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, nutrition, recycling, renewable energies and many more. I had the idea of a school of sorts where all this information could be applied to a given community in the hope that they could create something new for themselves.

In discussions with Adgilyn we came up with the idea of CARE, Caring actions, real economies. The goal is to host a meeting where we can enable people to identify their unmet needs and unused available resources. To identify their strengths and talents and encourage them to work together to build something cohesive circular caring and beneficial for all.

My dream of course is to see it work, but to also create a model which can then be taken to other communities. This visit is just a first step. If the community move forward then hopefully I will get to go back and assist in the creation of something solid and permanent.

For me it’s evident as a teacher and healer, that I inspire people. They have told me and I have learned to let in the positive feedback I get without it getting to my head. I have been surprised however by the reaction to my trip and planned project. Many people seemed filled with joy and admiration. I had to remind myself it’s not about me. I am only doing what seems right and I have been blessed to have been given the means to do it.

It reminds me that the best version of me, is the one that follows my passion, my instincts, that believes in the possible, searches for solutions and moves forward in hope rather than expectation.

It doesn’t mean I am right or fearless or stronger than anyone else. I don’t have to be. I have no idea if it will work, but I can try. In the meantime, I continue with preparations, trying to source items that we may have been thrown into a drawer, or just put aside as old fashioned, without realising that to someone else somewhere on the planet, it’s of great use and greatly appreciated.

So I ask you two things if you read this. If you have anything that people living in a hot and or wet climate can use, that school kids can use, or anything you just don’t consider useful to you anymore, give it to me and I will bring what I can.

The second thing I want to ask you is, follow your passion, follow your dreams. Not to inspire people per say, but just because you can. When you walk the path of your dreams, you will inspire others to smile , to be courageous, and to move forward into their own vision of a world that is caring for all living things.

If you are interested in CARE drop me an email or leave a comment. I can do with the encouragement :).

I will talk to you soon, and hope you continue trying to crack that circle and create something new for yourself.