Getting Back to Basics


It’s a been a while. I got preoccupied with a CARE Economy project in the Philippines. Then preoccupied with teaching and just making a living. When I went to get back to posting the site was broken and my good friend and adviser Claus has just fixed it so I am back.

I have had a lot of people through my place this summer due to my being a host on couchsurfing and as is usual I have met a lot of teachers. I learned that my space has become cluttered. So I sat and thought about what I wanted.

Cleaning up and throwing out, rearranging and re-organising, painting and shelf building have all happened. So it’s been a busy and productive time.

I am toying with ideas of how to expand my presence online. I know some people benefited from my posts. If I can communicate the lessons I have learned and share with people some tips for moving forward then I will have done something good. So there might be an instagram cracking the circle coming soon. There will be podcasts. There might even be tweets.

In the meantime the question to consider is the following . Am I feeling stuck, or idle. Am I not getting to where I feel I should be? Are my talents not be used to the max? Yes it’s more than one question, but take your pick.

What is it you want? What is it you think you are entitled to? Or what is it you want to attract to yourself? Is the way I am living the sum total of me? Is there more I can do, give and be?

It was thinking these types of questions, listening to the guides who came into my life at times, and then seeing for myself some of the lessons they were teaching me. This has enabled me to have more work, an more space to live in that I had before. I am connecting with more like minded people. I am as the title says getting back into my good groove. I hope you are too.


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