In Love?

I can remember as a teenager, feeling a pain in the pit of my stomach when I thought about a certain woman. She was older than I. She was interesting, beautiful, a mother probably in her twenties. I was 14. I had never experienced such a feeling before. She occupied my thoughts, when her perfume wafted in my nostrils I was unbalanced. When she wasn’t around I wanted her to be. I enjoyed her smile. I enjoyed her tone of Read More

How do you manage the behaviour of others?

I remember clearly when I was a kid, sitting in the car with my mother, and someone would cut her off. She used the expression, ‘Big car small mind’. She called them a chauvinist and other such references to men that are not very flattering. I had no idea what that word was but when it was followed by the word pig, I knew it wasn’t a pleasant energy in the car. I had the uncanny ability to imagine that Read More