Are you Growing ?

When I was a teenager with all the usual angst and dark thoughts, I somehow came through a process that basically saved my life. I slipped almost nonchalantly from not caring about myself at all to empowering myself. That perhaps is another story.

However , what became important for me was that I should get fit and I should learn. I joined a sports club, which led to a changed my diet, which led to improved health, physically, emotionally, psychologically. I realised I had a brain and if I wasn’t using it, I was wasting it. 30 years later the number of bits of paper I obtained, the classrooms, teachers and groups I experienced, are perhaps more than a lot of people get to fit into an ordinary life.

I have been blessed with benefactors, helpers, teachers, professors, guides in all walks of life and one thing that seems to have been a constant in my adult life is that I am learning. I am not saying I am a great student or I remember most of what I tried to learn or people tried to teach. But I have for the most part, managed to stay open to growth of some kind.

It’s high time I gave back. Many people have if you like paid it forward to me and for me. Many have given me the richness that is my life and without them I would not be me. As I write this post I realise there is a lot of gratitude for my life, a lot of gratitude for the lives in it, the experiences I have had, places I have been and the way I am still growing and moving forward.

I guess I just want to ask you, and I am not saying you are, but I want to ask; You, human person, living on this rock full of water, that revolves around a ball of fire and hurtles through space at incredible speeds, I want to ask you, do you know what you have? Do you know your raw potential? Do you realise the great capacities you have to learn and to teach? When we learn and teach we expand and become more and fill more space and get powerful and experience deeper love and gratitude.

Are you growing? If not, will you? Can you take one action this month, this week, perhaps just this day, that will change the rest of your life and open you up to the fullness of the amazing potential that is you? I did and it saved my life and my life has flourished. All I did was decide to get fit and it has snowballed for ever.

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