Rules rules and regulations

If you know anything about France, you will know that they love administration, bureaucracy, rules and regulations. Let’s not say they love them, lets just say it’s a big part of life here. A good example of this red tape thinking for me is my friend from Kenya who is a qualified accountant. She has worked as an accountant in Kenya for years. However here in France through whatever legalese exists she is not recognised as an accountant and cannot Read More

The Alkie at San Pa

I am the alkie. This place is so inspiring. At least that’s what I wrote a week ago and then never finished. There is a lot going on in my head and the reality is I am putting myself under pressure that is completely needless. I had applied to two universities online to study a Masters in Psychology. The deal at present in my world is that my company will pay a good chunk of the fees, and keep my Read More