The problem with Goal setting.

Can you make it out? Can you see this blurry rainbow there somewhere in the distance? You know it’s a rainbow, it gives you hope but you just can’t really get it crystalised in your head. Have you ever had that sort of response to goal setting? That kind of feeling, of vagueness about what you should and could and might be able to achieve that sort of gets you stuck is very common. We seem to lack the sharp Read More

Progress not perfection

I have no doubt that some of you reading this you have worries on your mind due to the corona virus, or an election or perhaps the markets. I have other issues. My own human shortcomings have been raising their heads lately and I have spent winter fighting depression, and not really doing enough to deal with my life problem. My addiction is up and staring me in the face as a possible way out. Of course it’s not an Read More