Cracking the circle is a way forward

So the challenge for me was to move forward. I was stuck. I was miserable and I had lost all passion and direction. What could I possibly do that would change my life and help me get out of the rut. In short I cracked the circle of the negative thinking that had been running through my head for years. I had resentments, I had issues, I had problems. Facing my problems was one way forward. It took time. I hadn’t been able to see how people had looked out for me, friended me, helped me and loved me. At least it seemed the negative stuff was more important.?However I am now well on?on top of my life in that I am no longer stuck in a rut. I am more productive than at any other time in my life. So it is my hope that with the help of my site, and my posts, perhaps my meditations, and even you want some one on one sessions, that I help you find your own keys to moving forward and cracking that circle of negativity.