Routine, can you change it?

Ah the old routine. Get out of bed stumble around, shower, skip breakfast, get dressed, realise you are running late, get stressed and tear out of the house to your appointment. Yep that used to be me. I found my routines were not the best at creating a framework for healthy thinking. Stress is a killer and a disease maker. I had to find some routines that were healthy.

One of the things I try to do these days, and this is my hardest one, is get to bed at a decent time. I do try to give myself at least 7 hours in the bed. It doesn’t always work. I let go of when it doesn’t work and the next day I try again.? There are tools that can help me achieve this goal. Turn off the screens and just let my body and mind get quiet. Replace the screens with a good book. Remind myself that I will feel better for it.

When I wake these days, I have a set routine, it involves,? tidying up the kitchen ( which is the bit I still have to get straight) and getting the breakfast things ready. Some times there is a small work out, then a hot shower. Getting dressed. Making my bed. Giving myself 12-15 minutes to meditate, express gratitude and focus on my breathing. Then I can eat and get organised for the day ahead.? I don’t always manage but I forgive myself. I never miss the meditation if I can help it.

My next trick is that when I think I might be late, is to remind myself that I am not late until I have not arrived on time. If I do arrive on time, I am honest with the person waiting for me. I show them respect and tell them I didn’t manage to get it together in time. I forgive myself and make sure they know it’s not personal.

There are many things you can add or subtract into a routine for day. Routines allow me to get my head in order and deal with one thing at a time. They help me not have to deal with stress because I have more clarity, I know what is next and I am aware of what has to be done, instead of being in a blind panic in the morning.

So my question really is, what routine do you have that is helpful for you? What routine could you implement, or what action could you add to your routine that would help you start the day on a better foot?

Look after you.