Where do you allow yourself to feel satisfaction?

None of us are getting out of here alive.

There are many philosophies about the power of positive thinking and gratitude and attracting what you want.

Since I cracked out of my negative circle I have been learning appreciation and gratitude and also satisfaction.
Satisfaction for the little things in life. Those little everyday achievements. Each time I get to write a post there is a sense of having achieved something I have set out to do. I listen to it, I explore it, I feel it.
No more than I get out of bed without my limbs, I don’t get out of bed without my feelings either. Satisfacation for me is not about settling for what I have, although I am very grateful for that.
A part of it, is about realising that the things I do, the moments I have, the little markers in my day are not open to everyone. Not everyone can get out of bed. Not everyone can write a blog post. Not everyone is in a space to help someone else.
Rather than waiting for a thank you, or a financial reward, or some tangible physical proof that validates me, I choose to feel satisfaction when I cook for myself. I feel satisfaction that I marked those papers, and sent that email. I choose satisfaction for an interaction with people.
It’s almost as if I clap myself on the back for the small things instead of waiting for someone else to do it.
What simple everyday things could you allow yourself to feel satisfaction for? Smiling at someone? Looking after your basic needs? Tidying up your space? Keeping your word and commitments? Perhaps you can make a list today of the things you have done. Read through the list and allow yourself to feel a satisfaction that at least today, you haven’t given up, you haven’t quit. I even allow myself to feel satisfied when a task I don’t enjoy, needs to be put aside for a moment when I can give it better attention.
It’s okay to be not perfect and even in that I can find a satisfaction.
Enjoy the week…





Oh and this flower that I planted about 3 weeks ago, gave me immense satisfaction this morning when I saw it blooming for the first time.