What is the thing you tell yourself most in the day?

In my life, I was always amazed when people gave me a positive feedback to my personality. I used to think to myself ‘ You don’t live with me 24 hours a day, I do.’.

It took me a long time to realise I had to not only respect myself but honour the path of the one who would give me a compliment, be respectful of their words and their point of view.

So in living with ourselves 24 hours a day, what are the type of things you tell yourself? When you look in the mirror, is your first thought a grateful happy pleased one? Or are you instantly dissatisfied and listening to your inner critic?

When you wake up are you telling yourself that you are amazing wonderful day is about to start or are you dreading what is next?

When people look at you on the street are you reminding yourself of your uniqueness or telling yourself you can read their thoughts and something must be wrong with you?

Can you just listen to your inner dialog and decide to tell yourself something nice instead of something critical or hurtful. You are not stupid, we can all make mistakes. You are not useless, you are on the road to finding your path purpose. You are not a nobody, you are a part of a collective that part of the living breathing planet that we call home.? You are not a failure, you are on your way to success. Forgive yourself your humanity, tell yourself something nice today and every day. Remind yourself of your path, your uniqueness and your humanity.

Tell yourself something good today. Please?

Thanks for reading.

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