Are we creating our own image without knowing it?

?In the beginning God created man in His own image, and man has been trying to repay the favor ever since.???Voltaire

It would seem that each individual creates their reality from their own experience. I have been running questions through my head lately. Do we both see the same colour when we say we see red? Do we really know what other people are thinking or are we just projecting our experience onto them?

Recently, I have been having a lot of conversations around new technologies, like cloud computing, electric cars, blockchain and bitcoin.? I have also seen in museums that technologies like fire and the wheel, seem to have been utilised in many different places around the Globe, at roughly the same time, with no contact between the cultures using them.? I have also been challenged in facilitating group discussions, finding the discussion takes on a life of it’s own and goes somewhere I haven’t imagined from the start.? Thinking about these ideas, and the idea of computers and cloud computing has led me to a conclusion, that humanity, has created technology in it’s own image and likeness. That some how subconsciously, as an organism living on the planet, we are able to pick up on energies, and come to conclusions from those energies without knowing we are connected. Nylon for example was invented in New York and London at the same time, hence it’s name.

I am sure that we are not as individual as we think we are. I am convinced that like a computer network, each of us has a stand alone set of software and hardware, but cannot avoid being connected to others within the network. There are nearly 8 billion of us on the planet.? Yet each of us has I am sure experienced, being disturbed by the mood of someone in a room, without knowing why. Equally we can find ourselves lifted by the mood of another when it’s in a higher vibration than our own.

I am not really concerned with the how or the why of it. I can’t explain it and don’t feel the need to. However it has made me wonder, how I approach my day. When I wake up in the morning, do I tell myself I am alone in this adventure, or do I tune in to the fact that on this rock we call earth, it’s impossible to be alone. Everyone has experienced what I am feeling. Everyone has the same set of emotions as I do, and perhaps what I am feeling today is not mine. Perhaps I am tuned into an energy that a critical mass are feeling, strong enough for it to be sent out through the cloud of human experience and somehow, I receive it, like an email, or a tweet, or a text message.

Is it fanciful to think, that humanity in trying to find answers for it’s existence has somehow subconsciously created a set technologies that are a representation of how we work and function as biological, energetic entities?

In any case, I realise I am not alone, I can reprogram my thinking, I can choose what applications to use to achieve my day. I am pretty sure the choices I am making, are not unique to me. You are not alone in your feeling thinking day. Just try talking to someone else and comparing your own stories. You might be amazed at the commonalities in the stories you are telling yourself.

Have a great week.