Selling yourself short?

Have you have that experience, where you don’t tell someone your feelings because you are afraid you will lose them?? Or perhaps you haven’t dared to follow through with something, telling yourself, you are not good enough? We seem to accommodate others and put ourselves in a place of retreat in order to make others happy and protect ourselves from exposure. Perhaps it’s our fears that allow to do this.

I spoke with someone the other day about nightmares. Nightmares are shadows. Remember when you were a kid playing shadows on the wall with a lamp or a torch? Our Nightmares are like these shadows. They move strangely and are much bigger than the thing the light is reflecting. A small mouse in the right light could project a terrifyingly huge shadow on the wall.? In our Nightmares our psyche is trying to get us to look at the small mouse not the big shadow.

So it’s a similar thing when I sell myself short. Instead of looking at the reality, I look at the shadow. I put thoughts, my thoughts into the others head and then tell myself those thoughts belong to other and they are thoughts that mean I am not accepted as I want. The reality is it’s just me not accepting myself. What am I not accepting? Sure Jimmi Hendrix, or Beyonce, or Mandela, or whoever your idol is, have worked their asses off to get to a certain level. However they had as many bones in their ass as you do. That person you admire is full of the same doubts as your are. That job you want, is well within your grasp and you can have it, if you remind yourself that the one who does it, is just as human as you are.

Is it possible this week, to just catch yourself when you are selling yourself short and decide that you can actually do anything you want. You are entitled to be happy, successful, amazing, incredible. You are all these things anyway. Yes you are unique, yes perhaps you have suffered. If this is so, change it now. Stop listening to the inner critic and saying you can’t. You can. You can do anything you want. So paint that picture, go for that job, get up on that stage grab that mic and sing that song. Just do it. You will feel amazing afterwards. We all feel fear, some us manage to feel it, and act anyway.

See you next week.