Can you commit to begin your healing by changing your words?

I am struck by a neighbours reaction when I ask her how her life is. She tells me looking after her mother is Calvary. It’s a suffering for her to look after her mom.

I live abroad away from my ill mother. I used to tell myself things, like I was suffering, I was lonely, I was abandoned and I was stupid. In doing my inner work I realised how wrong I was. It was just a perception. It was a list of words I was using to reinforce my perception that my life was shit.

My aforementioned neighbour owns a heap of property, and has a situation that many would envy, but her life is being crucified. I don’t buy it. I looked at my own life and found out I couldn’t live an authentic life if I was filling myself full of negative and untrue words everyday. I managed to change the words I used. I wasn’t abandoned. I was taught how to be independent. I am not stupid, I make mistakes, it’s called being human. My life is not shit, it’s a privilege to be alive in the here and now and I am blessed with amazing people in my life. I don’t look like shit. I look like me. There is only one of me. This is the way I look and so what?? Words can be a poison or a medicine. Can you find the negative words you use daily, the things you tell yourself that are patently untrue? Can you change them? Can you look at the positives in your life and stop repeating the negative that is not true. You are not ugly, you are not stupid, you are not a fool. You are a walking talking breathing miracle called a human being and you are alive and that in any terms is a great blessing.

Just find one negative thing you tell yourself regularly, flip it into a positive and crack out of the circle and heal yourself.


Blessings to you.