Cracking My Own Circle

It’s a long time since I have written here. We have had a lockdown in the meantime that seems to have put the world in a spin. Indeed the world of last March is perhaps slightly more intense now and definitely very changed.

I too have been going through a lot of changes. I have been coaching, healing others, and healing myself. My greatest healing is that I have finally cracked a circle on becoming an author. I have a number of projects in various states of completion and I had hit that wall where it was easier to watch TV, play a video game, or just veg than pay attention to the dreams and the goals. That is very circular thinking. It may well be part of the creation process but it wasn’t going to get my book published.

That was until I realised that if I wanted to publish, if that was really the only goal? Then I had plenty of short stories I could publish myself. Who needs a publishing house? Why did I need one? Yes there was some search of validation going on in getting a publishing house to approve of me. So how about I just validate myself?

I gathered my stories. I formatted them, I was lucky to find a friend who is an amazing editor, thank you Diane. I downloaded software and muddled through. My cousin created a wonderful work of art for the cover. Just by taking baby steps and talking to people and putting in a little time every day suddenly something happened.

I became an author.

The book Dancers Shoes? is available on Amazon. I could easily diminish the achievement but that is old thinking. So for today, I count my progress, my victories and my success. I appreciate the love the universe sends my way. The amazing affirmations coming my way on social media, the wonderful reviews are just giving me more fuel to crack even more circular thinking and move forward.

So yes the world might be gone to shit, or perhaps the universe is just offering you a new opportunity to be your brilliant self. You choose.

Oh and if you do buy the book? Please leave a review, it helps to always be open to improving.

Lots more posts coming soon. 🙂

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