How do you manage perfection?

Perfection? I have demanded it from others, but seldom been able to deliver it myself. I criticised and judged those who didn’t deliver to the highest standards and expectations I had set them. I was choosing to be insulted when people let me down. Oh trust me, I was equally hard on myself for things that were entirely human.

This is what I have learned and would like to share. In our world view my understanding of perfection is straight lines, or complete circles, cleanliness, rigidity, uniformity, smooth, mathematical, logical. When we run our hand or eye over a piece of material that has been worked and feel it’s lack of resistance we call it perfection. We are right. We are also very wrong.

People are perfect it’s what makes humanity such an amazing collective to be a part of. However we make mistakes, and get things wrong, and can be out of control.

Nature is perfect, without our interference the planet would be well and healthy, but dirty, crooked, slanted, uneven, foggy, uncomfortable even.

So what is this demand we have for perfection in our lives, which is around things going the way they should, in the right order and the right time? When the real perfection is chaos and mess and blood and sweat and tears that give rise to new life and all living things?

I am not a fan of straight lines, or the right way. I am fan of blemishes, and non symmetry and confusion and disorder. It’s taken me a long time to get to that point but I have realised, that the way I am is perfect. I am unique, there is no other me. I am perfect the way I am each and every day.

So I give myself a break, wipe the slate clean every night, and every morning I give thanks for my perfection, even if I do mess up everything, then I have done it perfectly.

So can you give yourself and those around you a break? Can you accept that the way people are and the way things are, and even the way you are, is already perfect?

After all , there are no obstacles on the path, the obstacle is the path.

( Note: I edited the imperfections out of this as much as I could, to make it possible to read)