Are you listening to your self? Should you be?

I think it was Mark Twain who said, ‘ My life was full of worries most of which never happened.’ and ‘ I’ve lived through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened.’

Either one of these is perfect for what I have been thinking of recently. I find myself walking around especially when I am tired and hungry or lacking sleep having the most awful conversations and confrontations with people, who are not there.

It’s easy to get ourselves into a rut of thinking, but it’s easy to get out of it too. One of my tricks is to ask myself is it real? Or, am I making it up? When someone doesn’t show up I can start having a conversation about the why of it, with them in my head. It’s a total fantasy, never accurate and certainly no good for my mood.

How or why we do this, I have no clue. Perhaps I had training in negativity or paranoia, perhaps I am not strong enough in the view of myself as being a wonderful human being. Either way it’s something I have to stop. It just does me no good.

How often do you invent in your head, perhaps in traffic or the supermarket, someone’s reply to you from a fictional question which you have never asked? How often have you imagined people laughing at you, or avoiding when in reality they are doing neither? So there are three solutions, a) Ask yourself is it real? b) Ask yourself have you eaten? If the answer is no, eat something and c) Have you slept enough? If the answer is no, then go take a nap. If eating and sleeping are not possible, stop doing what you are doing, go read a blog, or a book or anything else to take your mind off your fantasies.

Your life might be full of problems, but running them through your head and scaring yourself silly won’t solve anything. Eat rest and find solutions.

Loving you all