Recognising the Gift when it comes.

I recently had the pleasure to sit with a good friend at a waterfall in the southwest of France. While we were there a beautiful butterfly landed on her finger. I spent the next 20 minutes to half an hour cracking out of a circle of amazement, and fun, and taking many photos. I wondered why nature was so kind to give her this beautiful gift of a butterfly.

Butterfly cracks his circle.
A healing butterfly

At one point I had to brush a horse fly off my leg before he bit me. I continued shooting, taking my time. I took shots from every angle. Still the butterfly just sat there posing for us, sometimes sticking his long tongue out and licking her finger.

A bee buzzed near me, about to land on my shoulder and I swatted it away.

Still I wondered why nature wouldn’t send me a gift as beautiful. I went looking for other butterflies, and saw many but none came to me. Insects buzzed around me and crawled on me, and the water splashed and the sun shone and we were peaceful under the shade of the trees.

It was only when I leaving one of the trees asked me what my problem was. I didn’t understand. The fly, the bee, the other winged creatures were all insects like the butterfly. I was not accepting the gifts I had been given. I was too focused on the gift of the other and went around trying to capture it. Each time my gift appeared, I was dismissive of it.

So in healing yourself, in walking your path, are you appreciating the gifts that nature has given you, or are you busy chasing those butterflies not meant for you?