We are on Video

A while back when the pandemic started, I decided to make some videos as a sort of video diary. I thought it would be interesting to look back on and realised that people on my social media wall were actually interested in what I had to say. Well their feedback helped me crack the circular thinking about having a video channel. I eventually downloaded a few videos I had posted and uploaded them onto YouTube. Here is the link . Read More

Moving Forward

In order to move out of negative thinking, something is required. That thing must be what negative thinking isn’t. It can either be positive thinking or just simply not thinking. Focusing on the breath and the body aka meditation is a wonderful way of moving out of our circular thinking and calming down the mind. Another way is to act. Any action no matter how great or small, geared towards progress is more beneficial than no action at all. Here Read More

Cracking My Own Circle

It’s a long time since I have written here. We have had a lockdown in the meantime that seems to have put the world in a spin. Indeed the world of last March is perhaps slightly more intense now and definitely very changed. I too have been going through a lot of changes. I have been coaching, healing others, and healing myself. My greatest healing is that I have finally cracked a circle on becoming an author. I have a Read More

Progress not perfection

I have no doubt that some of you reading this you have worries on your mind due to the corona virus, or an election or perhaps the markets. I have other issues. My own human shortcomings have been raising their heads lately and I have spent winter fighting depression, and not really doing enough to deal with my life problem. My addiction is up and staring me in the face as a possible way out. Of course it’s not an Read More

What Meditation Brings Me.

First of all, let’s be really clear. Meditation as used in this context is simply focusing on the breath. It’s nothing else. I focus on the air coming in through my nostrils and out through my nostrils. I try to be conscious of it going down into my body, and back out. That’s it. It’s not journeying, or imagining or even repeating a mantra. All of this stuff can help and be complimentary to meditation , but for me, it’s Read More


When you know you can do better, or even when you feel you should, you could be guilty of putting yourself under pressure. However at this time of year with pressure to be happy, and pressure to spend coming at us from all angles it can be really hard to see the wood for the trees. I know I am not the only one who has sought refuge in a blanket a sofa and Netflix in November and December. Truth Read More