What Meditation Brings Me.

First of all, let’s be really clear. Meditation as used in this context is simply focusing on the breath. It’s nothing else. I focus on the air coming in through my nostrils and out through my nostrils. I try to be conscious of it going down into my body, and back out. That’s it. It’s not journeying, or imagining or even repeating a mantra. All of this stuff can help and be complimentary to meditation , but for me, it’s focusing on the breath.

I found over the years it stops my mind focusing on my fears, my have to do list and the things that are stressing me.

It brings into focus how my body is, and allows me to consciously relax.

The more often and regular I do it, the better seem to be the long term effects.

I started with 5 minutes which I found really difficult. I can do up to 25 mins or half an hour these days without getting too agitated.

It’s a learned behaviour but one that I can’t really live my day without.

It seems I am calmer, I have more insight into my life. I am happier. I am more proactive and productive.

How can I link all this to meditation? I can’t. However I have no other explanation. The more I do it the better I feel. It’s not scientific it just is.

How can you do it? Just get into a comfortable position. Now breathe only through your nose and focus on that breath. Now breathe out, focusing on that air leaving your body. That’s it. If you can do it for one breath, you can do it for one more.

I get distracted, I get agitated, I daydream, I drift, I get sore even. When I notice I am not focusing on my breath, I focus on the next breath. I am gentle with my learning. I use a timer. Sometimes I use what we call a guided mediation, sometimes I listen to just a mantra, sometimes I am in silence. Sometimes I repeat a mantra quietly to myself or out loud. However I am pretty consistent. It’s the consistency that has done it for me.

So just try it for one minute. There is no wrong about it. Just focus on your breath. If you notice you are not doing that, then do it. Don’t give yourself a hard time about what you are not doing right and congratulate yourself on the moments you get it right. Build up slowly over time. You will notice a huge change in your life quality.

I have two meditations available in my store page, that you can purchase if you wish. They will guide you if you feel you need a guide. Enjoy.