When you know you can do better, or even when you feel you should, you could be guilty of putting yourself under pressure. However at this time of year with pressure to be happy, and pressure to spend coming at us from all angles it can be really hard to see the wood for the trees. I know I am not the only one who has sought refuge in a blanket a sofa and Netflix in November and December. Truth Read More

Getting Back to Basics

Hi. It’s a been a while. I got preoccupied with a CARE Economy project in the Philippines. Then preoccupied with teaching and just making a living. When I went to get back to posting the site was broken and my good friend and adviser Claus has just fixed it so I am back. I have had a lot of people through my place this summer due to my being a host on couchsurfing and as is usual I have met Read More

CARE and how we inspire others.

I wrote in my last post about an upcoming trip to the Philippines. I am thanks to Bela Hatvany and the good people at Mustardseed, going to visit a community and see if I can inspire them. How did this come about? I have been involved in Everyday Earth for nearly a year now. It’s a community organisation that has conversations about creating a care economy. A care economy is one where the participants not only feel cared for, but Read More

Managing the stress

I teach a lot of people. It’s a stressful job. I see a few students from time to time who are stressed with their language ability. I also see a few who wouldn’t get stressed about anything. This morning as I was getting ready to run out the door, I noticed I was stressed. I felt the tension in my body the shortness of breath. I had a long day ahead and lot to organise in the coming days. In Read More

Your power and the story you tell yourself

We live in a society that lauds the achievement of the few. In fact we could even say that with the advent of social media and pulp programming we are living in a society where we laud the celebrity who hasn’t achieved anything of note or any given any measured contribution to society. Our networks are full of people who look a certain way, earn a certain amount or say a certain thing. None of which contributes to the collective Read More

Are you Growing ?

When I was a teenager with all the usual angst and dark thoughts, I somehow came through a process that basically saved my life. I slipped almost nonchalantly from not caring about myself at all to empowering myself. That perhaps is another story. However , what became important for me was that I should get fit and I should learn. I joined a sports club, which led to a changed my diet, which led to improved health, physically, emotionally, psychologically. Read More

Can you do nothing ?

I’m in touch with a lot of people on the go. Busy people , creative people, people who are stressed and low on energy. I am one myself. Very often I find myself in a conversation encouraging these wonderful human beings to do nothing. Invariably the response I get is, I can’t I don’t know how. There is some guilt complex at play when a person feels they are not being productive First of all Why? Doing nothing means not Read More

Are you staying small?

The first time I heard the notion of staying small I didn’t really understand it. Over the years I realised staying small is the thing I do when I don’t step into my personal power and abilities. Like all of us, I have talents. There are things I can do well and there are things I should probably leave to others. However the tendency with us humans can be to make ourselves small. How often have you been tempted by Read More

Getting back in the groove.

(or is it really happening to you?) As 2018 came to a close I found myself submerged. I had a lot of work that was paid, I had a lot of work that was planned and desired. I am at heart a story teller, so writing here and working with others through spiritual and practical methods had me neglecting certain things. Shopping for food and sleeping were not prioritised the way they probably could have been to be the most Read More

If this day was your last?

We all think we are going to live for ever, or at least until tomorrow. Generally speaking none of us imagine when we wake up in the morning, that this is our last day on planet earth. Frequently I have heard people say, if it was their last day, they would go blow all their money, or get drugged up or drunk or have an orgy. As I reflected on that I consider that those things can be done anytime, Read More